5Calls Actions | Who will win Super Tuesday?

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Super Tuesday

We’ve seen some incredible movement in the last 48 hours leading up to the primary elections in 14 states across the country – both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Kobuchar have dropped out of the race and thrown their support behind Joe Biden’s candidacy.

The four major candidates vying for votes today are now only Biden, Sanders, Warren and Bloomberg, quite a long way from the first set of Democratic debates with 20 total running candidates.

Whomever you vote for in this primary, if your state is voting today, earlier in the season or in the next few months, it’s important to keep the perspective of 2020 in mind. Regardless of who wins the nomination, we’ll have to form a coalition to turn out a record number of voters and win the presidency in November.

If your preferred candidate doesn’t win the nomination you have the right to be upset that you may have poured hours, days or months of effort into an unsuccessful campaign. Take your time to recover, but know that eventually we need you to come back to the table and work to elect a president that won’t give away huge tax breaks to his billionaire buddies, wants to ensure everyone has healthcare and will see us to the end of the Trump era.

(Lack of) Emergency Prep

As the coronavirus begins to spread in the United States, it is becoming clear the Trump administration’s dismantling of our emergency response programs will have deadly costs. Demand Congress fund aid for the outbreak without taking the money from other critical programs. (And wash your hand early and often!).

Call to Fund Coronavirus Response

Enshrine Access in Law

This week the Supreme Court will hear arguments on an abortion access law from Louisiana designed to chip away at the legal right to an abortion. As these laws have sprung up around the country, it is time Congress to enact legislation to protect abortion care in the United States.

Call to Protect Abortion Access

ACA Heads to the Supreme Court

A controversial Texas lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act is making its way to the Supreme Court. On Monday, the court decided to hear arguments in the case which could potentially overturn the ACA.

Call to Support the ACA