Who We Are

Santa Cruz Indivisible is a group of 4000 people who are engaged as active citizens in the political process at the local, state, national and international arenas and focus on a progressive political agenda.

Current Focus

Our focus for SCI is a multi-pronged approach that encompasses elements of electoral, advocacy, and civic engagement. We use these tools, along with the Indivisible guide, to help promote a progressive political agenda to resist the republican agenda.


Issue Teams

Santa Cruz Indivisible Issue Teams help us understand issues that effect us all. With that understanding, we can all take action and make a difference.

Community Partners

Santa Cruz Indivisible is pleased to join other political and activist groups in our community to help strengthen the ties in our community and focus our efforts on building a better future together.

Join Us

We are passionate about building a community of active and engaged citizens in Santa Cruz County.