Indivisible South County

“Amplifying the voices and supporting the civil rights of all members of our community”.

What does Indivisible South County do?

Thanks for your interest in Indivisible South County. Because southern Santa Cruz County has such a large immigrant population, which is among the demographics most threatened by the Trump agenda, we believe that we can fill an important niche by focusing on issues that affect the Immigrant community. We also have the goal of increasing immigrant involvement in the Indivisible movement, and promoting cultural exchange in our community.

What’s the difference between Indivisible South County and other Indivisible groups?

We work closely with Santa Cruz Indivisible and with the Indivisible groups in Monterey County to provide seamless coverage of Indivisible initiatives throughout the Monterey Bay area. We suggest you join one of those groups (depending on what county you live in) to participate in the broad scope of issues that are threatened by this administration, while also joining us to be involved in issues that hit closer to home. You can join us on our closed Facebook group for ongoing updates and to learn about events, follow us on Twitter to keep up on the news, or join our email list, using the contact information below. We have over 500 members already. Please join our growing community!

What can I do NOW to resist the Trump Agenda, besides contacting my Representatives?

We know that many people are seeking ways to be meaningfully proactive in resisting the Trump agenda, in addition to contacting our Representatives (which we hope you are doing on a daily basis!). Towards that end, we are partnering with service providers who are already hard at work supporting the Immigrant community, to support their ongoing initiatives and, in some instances, to create new ones. You can learn about some of those service providers via the links below. We will also be holding events to help you learn more about these organizations and how you can help; watch for announcements about those events in coming weeks.

What can I do to help Indivisible South County?

We have several projects in need of leadership, and we are looking for a few dedicated folks who can spend some time helping out on our steering committee. Specific needs include:

  • We are working with Sanctuary to build Rapid Response capacity in South County. This is an urgent top priority; we need a small team of people who can shepherd this forward.
  • Liaison with other groups working on immigration issues, such as the Immigration Task Force that the Monterey County Indivisibles have put together.
  • Translation! We would like this page to be available in Spanish as well as English. We would like all of our Facebook posts and Tweets and all of our printed materials to be in both languages too.
  • Help maintaining our digital presence, such as this page.
  • People who can help with events, similar to what Lisa Rose and her facilitator team do for Santa Cruz Indivisible
  • Graphic design (occasional) – for instance, right now we need a logo!
  • Someone to coordinate our group: maintain our email list, keep our calendar, take notes and write up minutes of our Steering Committee meetings, draft and distribute agendas.
  • Someone to send out Daily Actions to our email list, post them to our FB page, tweet them. Preferably in both languages.

You can contact us directly or follow us at

   Indivisible South County


Please follow the links below to learn about these great organizations that are working hard to serve our Immigrant community!

Community Action Board, Watsonville

CAB has six programs assisting over 10,000 low-income people with emergency, sustaining/ self-sufficiency services and serves thousands more with requests for information and referrals.

Sanctuary Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz

Sanctuary was formed by and for the Santa Cruz community to support those neighbors, friends and fellow-workers who face discrimination and harassment. In particular, we unite on behalf of immigrants and refugees who are, at this time, our most vulnerable community members.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood delivers affordable, non-judgmental, high quality health care. Clinics in Santa Cruz and Watsonville offer many volunteer opportunities.

Monarch Services, Watsonville/Santa Cruz

Monarch Services provides safe shelter and services to domestic violence victims.

Revolunas, Watsonville

A woman’s collective focusing on healing and community issues.

ACLU, Santa Cruz

Helping immigrants and protestors understand and exercise their constitutional rights.

Center for Farmworker Families, Watsonville

Promoting awareness about the difficult life circumstances of farmworker families while proactively inspiring improvement in binational family life both in the US and in Mexico.

Second Harvest Food Bank, Watsonville

Second Harvest’s mission is to end hunger and malnutrition by educating and involving the community. Over 8 million pounds of food are distributed annually to working poor families, children, and seniors.

Regeneration/Regeneración Pájaro Valley Climate Action

Regeneration aims to design local solutions from the perspective of people in the Pájaro Valley most vulnerable to climate change effects, such as farmworkers. Farmworkers are effected both personally and economically, by heat waves and pesticide use and by crop losses related to changing growing conditions.

Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers, Watsonville, PV

In January 1969, the American Federation of Teachers issued a charter to the Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers. For over 40 years, PVFT has provided leadership for the collective voice of our members.