Current Focus



We must win back the Congress!  In 2018, Santa Cruz Indivisible (SCI) is focused on the midterm elections. We need just 23 seats to flip the House of Representatives back to Blue. There are 14 seats in California that can be flipped and SCI is focusing on CA-21, CA-22 as well as KS-03. We are also working with SwingLeft Santa Cruz to help volunteers work in CA-10.

To flip these seats, we need to reach many voters through canvassing, phone and text banking, writing postcards to voters, and registering people to vote. Our democracy is and risk and we must RESTORE it, we have to do this together!  To join these efforts visit our Blue Wave page.



At all times, we must hold our elected officials accountable and let them know what we think!  Our outreach to our elected officials is everything from making calls from your kitchen counter to getting together with the community in small or large groups to express our point of view.

We will continue to arm our Member Activists with daily actions put together by our Issue Teams who are passionate about a particular subject area.  The second Tuesday of every month we also host Wine and Signs where people can gather together to community build and write to MoCs, giving both Pats (thank you) and Prods (get it done!) (LINKS).  We have partnered with many other groups in the community for marches and rallies such as the Women’s March, MLK March, The Science March, and Families Belong Together Rally. View past events HERE.

Civic Engagement:


We believe in empowering and educating its members and the community. In 2018, we began the California Leadership Series that brings in local and state level leaders to participate in an open forum with members of the community.  We are offering Introduction to Canvassing workshops to train and launch members who are committed to help flip seats in the 2018 midterms.

We succeed because of YOU.

This is where YOU come in. Santa Cruz Indivisible runs on 100% volunteer power and we need the power of the community to continue preserve our democracy.  We need dedicated, creative, and engage volunteers to help us be successful in the midterms and beyond. We need enthused Member Activists to be constant advocates for progressive policies and the rights of our citizens.  The work we do is incredibly important and we want you to join us.