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It’s National Voter Registration Day! Please make sure that you and your friends are registered to vote. You can register to vote in California here:

You check your voter registration in California here:

Here’s a great site that works regardless of state:

More and more allegations are coming out against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh’s college roommate has said that the allegations are consistent with behavior he witnessed and that he used to be a particularly heavy drinker. Republicans are claiming to be worried about “due process” for Kavanaugh, but they forget that there is no due process required for a job interview and the accusers are asking for a nonpartisan FBI investigation but Kavanaugh and Senate Republicans are not (and multiple GOP Senators have already said that they don’t believe the accusers). It would truly be tragic if a person of Kavanaugh’s character were confirmed and allowed to set precedent for decades (even if Kavanaugh did not commit the alleged sexual assaults, the number of lies he has told during his confirmation process is overwhelming). We need to keep calling our senators and get friends and family in other states to call their senators and politely demand that they at the very least call for an FBI investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh before a confirmation vote is held. Senators in blue states, including Senators Feinstein and Harris, should filibuster against any bill and vote against any nominee until an investigation is conducted. The truth should be a nonpartisan goal. Knowing Kavanaugh’s full and accurate history before a confirmation vote is held should be a nonpartisan goal. Republicans certainly demanded that when Democratic nominees were being evaluated by Senates with a Democratic majority (and, let’s not forget, that the Senate GOP and Judiciary Committee, led by Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley, refused to even hold votes for moderate nominee Merrick Garland–so much for “due process” then).

Let’s try to do some outreach at least once a week for the next six weeks. Here are some links where you can find events to help turn Congress blue:

If you’re looking for organizations/funds to make donations to other than Indivisible and individual candidates you support, here are some I recommend: (Swing Left’s impact fund) (Emily’s List) (Crooked Media’s Crooked 8 fund of Ca swing districts)

Senator Feinstein’s SF office number is (415) 393-0707.

Senator Harris’s DC office line is (202) 224-3553. Senator Harris has a new SF office. Here’s the info:
333 Bush Street, Suite 3225
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone (415) 981 – 9369

Jimmy Panetta’s Santa Cruz office line is (831) 429-1976 and his DC office line is (202) 225-2861.

Anna Eshoo’s local district office line is (831) 335-2020.

If you need to look up your House representative, check here:

You can find your state representative and links to contact information: (Also, one of the benefits of lobbying state representatives is that they have closer offices than senators so you can go in and speak to their staff and convey how important issues are to them)

333 Bush Street, Suite 3225
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone (415) 981 – 9369

Recent News and Upcoming Events

More about Brett Kavanaugh’s character: He and many of his friends had a cruel inside joke about a female friend of theirs that they put prominently in their high school yearbook. The friend didn’t know about it and signed onto a letter attesting to Kavanaugh’s character. Upon finding out about it, she said, “the insinuation is horrible, hurtful and simply untrue. I pray their daughters are never treated this way. I will have no further comment.” Kavanaugh claims that he and the friends shared a kiss; the woman states that no such kiss occurred. A classmate of Kavanaugh’s said, “I can’t express how disgusted I am with them, then and now.” This is who the Republicans want on the Supreme Court. They wanted to rush his confirmation before more allegations of sexual assault came out and they don’t want the Senate and the public to see hundreds of thousands of his documents from when he was a public employee (paid by taxpayers) in George W. Bush’s administration.

The election is coming up. It’s our job to get voters registered and ready to vote for all of the great Democratic candidates so we can take back Congress. Talk to friends. Talk to family. Canvass. Phone bank. Volunteer. Donate. Let’s do it.

SCI is doing canvasses in CA-21. Click here for more:

Swing Left Santa Cruz is doing regular canvasses for CA-10 Democratic House candidate Josh Harder. Sign up to carpool here:

Here’s a way to donate to all of the California House swing districts that Democrats are targeting:

On Sundays from 3:00 – 6:00 pm, SCI is putting on efforts to turn CA-21 blue. Check it out:

If you’re getting this email then you’ve signed up for our Mail Chimp campaign. Thank you. Many people have signed up but many more who were on the old list haven’t. Please tell those you know in the group to sign up. Here’s a link you can send them:

Long-Term Action

Many people are excited to help outside our blue district/state. We can start now.

Here’ are two great sites about opportunities to turn other areas blue:

Swing Left has a lot of volunteer activities in our nearest swing district (CA-10). Here’s a calendar of events: Here is a local Swing Left Facebook group (run by an SCI member) that has a lot of great activities we can participate in:

For New Members

New members, welcome!

When making calls, be sure to identify yourself with your address so you get marked down correctly and please mention Santa Cruz Indivisible so our influence grows.
Please invite friends and family to join. We want to build the largest group possible to ensure that our voices are heard and our officials represent us.

For those of you who haven’t read the Indivisible Guide, please read it: It has a lot of good, important information in it. Also, there’s been some activity/suggestions that contradict it and although we may deviate from it in some ways, we’re going to try to focus our efforts (at least initially) on the things it suggests, which are mostly about our representatives and focusing on visits, calls, and letters rather than emails/petitions. Thanks.

There have been a number of questions about petitions and emails to national politicians. If possible, please focus (per the Indivisible Guide) on our representatives and providing local pressure. Our priority list of actions is (1) in-person, (2) live phone call, (3) voicemail, (4) letter, (5) email, (6) petition.

Andrew’s Actions is a part of Santa Cruz Indivisible and was formerly known as Indivisible Santa Cruz before the groups merged.


Here are archived emails:

Here is our playbook, the Indivisible Guide:

Here is the group website:

Here is a new site from Indivisible dedicated building power in each congressional district:

Here is our Facebook group page:

The email address for this action newsletter is

Here is contact information for Senator Harris:

Here is contact information for Senator Feinstein:

Here is contact information for Rep. Panetta:

Here is contact information for Rep. Eshoo:

If you need to look up your House representative, click here:

The DCCC has launched an effort to take back the House in 2018. You can sign up to help here:

Swing Left allows you to find your nearest swing district to help turn the map blue:

Daly Action will text you alerts if you like (or follow them on Twitter):

Let America Vote is a group started by Jason Kander to protect voting rights:

Move On is a great source of information and advocacy:

Flippable is working on flipping red state government seats to blue ones:

Pod Save America and Pod Save the World are my favorite political podcasts:

Here are sites that allow you to track federal legislation:

Here’s a great project from member Emily Coren: Ever have too much kids art? Not sure what to do with it? Send it to Congress! Come participate in positive civic engagement through art. It’s simple! We are decorating postcards with art and mailing them to our representatives. If you want to learn new art skills, make new friends and teach our kids how to constructively participate in civics then come join us. To learn more about the project go to: