Ride the Blue Wave 2018

We must act NOW to take back Congress.


CA-22 Billboard Campaign

To further increase visibility in CA-22, SCI is working on a billboard campaign. Read more about the campaign and then please consider donating and help us reach our goals and bring awareness to voters in CA-22. We need just $800 to reach our goal!


Canvassing 2018


SCI’s plan is to raise an army of volunteers to take actions that will have the most impact in the midterm elections. Talking to voters is one of the most effective ways to communicate with voters and get them to the polls on election day.

Our SCI District Captains select dates between now and November when our Santa Cruz Indivisible teams of volunteers will visit the district and spend the day canvassing. Once you have signed up for a district, we will contact you to share the details of each canvassing event and coordinate transportation, including carpools. When you arrive in the district, you’ll be given assignments and all the materials you need to have a successful day canvassing.

In the same way that SCI is supporting CA-21 and CA-22, SwingLeft Santa Cruz is supporting California’s 10th congressional district.

Your next step is to select the district you would like to support. Please read the following descriptions, pick a district, then click the link to signup to support the district of your choice.


CA-10 is located in the northern San Joaquin Valley and includes cities and communities along the Highway I-99 corridor, such as Turlock and Modesto in Stanislaus County and Stockton in San Joaquin County. A lot of families are struggling in CA-10, with almost half of all children accessing their health care through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Flip the 14 believes CA-10 presents one of the best opportunities in the country for Democrats to flip a key Congressional seat from red to blue.

CA-10 is represented by Congressman Jeff Denham, who is a loyal foot soldier for the Trump agenda, even though he represents one of the most contested districts in America. Denham has repeatedly voted to take health insurance away from thousands of his constituents, and he voted to replace Medicare as we know it with a voucher to purchase private insurance. The Modesto Bee refused to endorse Denham in 2016, citing his support for Trump as “a disqualifier.” Many of the respected political prognosticators, including the Cook Political Report, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, and Scott Lay’s Around the Capitol, identify this district as a tossup.

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CA-21 is located in the Central Valley area and includes parts of Fresno, Kern, Kings, and Tulare Counties. The current CA-21 area holds a solid Democratic majority over Republicans but does include a substantial number of decline-to-state and third-party voters. Registration is 41.83% Democrat and 31.42% Republican and 26.75% other (including independent, decline-to-state, and third party). Approximately 27% of families in District 21 live below the poverty line. Their congressional representative, David Valadao, has consistently voted against their interests on CHIP, SNAP, and the ACA. Valadao has served as the congressional representative in District 21 since 2012 and he currently votes almost 100% of the time with Donald Trump, despite representing a majority democratic district.”

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CA-22 consists of the eastern portion of Fresno County and includes cities and communities along the Highway I-99 corridor. This includes the city of Visalia in Tulare County and Clovis in Fresno County. There are a lot of families struggling to make ends meet in CA-22 – people who have been neglected by their Congressman. Nunes has served as CA-22’s representative since 2013. He has consistently received around 61-72% of the vote in that district, while his Democratic challenger received around 28-38% of the vote. Registration in CA-22 is 42% Republican, 33% Democrat, and 25% other (decline-to-state or 3rd party).

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CA-10, CA-21, and CA-22 Other Election Activities:
Voter Registration, Phone and Text Banking


There are other election activities that need volunteers.  Check out our Upcoming Events Calendar for more information and how to participate!

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California Districts Supported by SC Indivisible in the 2018 Mid-term Elections


CA-21 CA-22
Current Representative David Valadao Devin Nunes
Democratic Candidate TJ Cox Andrew Janz
Composition Centered in the San Joaquin Valley, and includes areas of Fresno County, Kern County, Kings County, and Tulare County Centered in the San Joaquin Valley, in Fresno and Tulare counties
Cities Coalinga, Delano, Hanford, and outer parts of Bakersfield and Fresno Most of eastern Fresno, as well as all of Clovis, Tulare, and Visalia
Campaign headquarters address 2447 McCal Ave, Selma 2519 W. Shaw #107, Fresno
1528 S. Mooney Blvd, Visalia
Miles from Santa Cruz 141.0 mile 150.5 mile
Travel time from Santa Cruz 2 hour 23 minutes 2 hour 32 minutes
Important local issues Healthcare,Jobs Water,Healthcare, Jobs
Canvassing goals -Get out the vote, mobilize Democrats
-Increase name recognition for TJ Cox
-Get commitments from voters to vote for TJ Cox in November
-Inform voters that TJ Cox has set up health clinics in District 21 and wants to bring jobs to the area
-Inform voters that Republican Valadao votes against the ACA and with Trump almost 100% of the time
-increase Andrew Janz name recognition

-mobilize Democrats to vote

-have voters fill out voter pledge cards for November election

-register voters in high likely Democrat precincts

-talk about local issues impacting voters

Projections The district is predominantly Democrat and voted for Hillary in 2016 – this is considered a close race! With polls currently reporting at 49% Nunes and 41% Janz and with 4 months until the general, there is a great window of time to close this gap before November. Increases in Democratic primary turnout indicate this will be a close race.

Beyond the Mid-Terms

The midterm elections will come and go. Our commitment to preserve our democracy and keep our elected officials accountable is ongoing.  We are also working to develop a  vibrant, lasting NorCal infrastructure to help win and maintain progressive majorities at every level of government. Watch this space past the mid-terms….