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Just Over 100 Days until the 2020 Election!

Read our latest newsletter!!Santa Cruz Indivisible was started in January of 2017 with the intention of fighting back against the current administration. The past three years have shown us that there is no rock bottom for this administration. Think back to why you became involved with SCI and what you’ve seen happen over the course…

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George Floyd protesters take it to the streets in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Indivisible organized a “bridge brigade” on the La Fonda Avenue bridge over Highway 1 during Friday afternoon’s commute to bring a message of Black Lives Matter and the imperative of voting. Another brigade took the message to the Morrissey Blvd. overpass at the same time. (Shmuel Thaler — Santa Cruz Sentinel)By Santa Cruz…

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Events | Bridge Brigades | 2017

Santa Cruz Indivisible members were on the sidewalk of 3 overpasses going over Highway 1 – Branciforte Ave., Morrissey Blvd. , and La Fonda. Each bridge typically had one statement on their banner, and each banner was different. Roughly 5 people per overpass held banners, signs, and waved flags.