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2018 California Primaries – The Results are In!

Here are key numbers for 2018 turnout vs. 2014: CA-22 = D+32% R-36% (Nunes) CA-25 = D+80% R-2% (Knight) CA-39 = D+83% R-6% (Royce) CA-45 = D+76% R-14% (Walters) CA-48 = D+62% R-12% (Rohrabacher) CA-49 = D+60% R-6% (Issa) CA-50 = D+44% R-9% (Hunter) Santa Cruz had a 24.47% voter turnout for the Primary. That’s…

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Focus on CA District 21 | CA Democrats endorse TJ Cox for Congress

Santa Cruz Indivisible is pro-democracy and party/candidate neutral. We are sharing this information so members to know more about California’s 21st and 22nd congressional districts. California Democrats Endorse TJ Cox for Congress in Central Valley’s 21st District Valadao’s votes to soak the poor and rip healthcare away from families makes him one of California’s most vulnerable…

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