IllumiNation Projection Project

Following in the successful footsteps of GreenPeace, Extinction Rebellion, and the Illuminator groups in New York we are developing the capability of using “projected light messaging” on the sides of buildings and other urban structures to get our message of resistance and action out to the public. Highlighting the effectiveness of this medium is the terms with which it is often described: “Guerilla Projection” or “Projection Bombing”. Read more...

Santa Cruz

Indivisible Runs on Volunteer Power

Since it's start Santa Cruz Indivisible has been powered and led by local Santa Cruz Community members. All our events have been led by and organized by volunteers. As a chapter of Indivisible we do not receive any financial support from the national organization and look to community members for financial help. 

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We have done so much since we formed in 2017 and to keep going we need your financial support. Please consider a small monthly donation to help us continue!

#DitchMitch Campaign

Mitch McConnell has done more in his 35 years in the senate to erode our democracy than any other current political figure and he must GO!!

We are taking action in 2020 and will be working with local grassroots groups in Kentucky to support their efforts to engage voters and DitchMitch.

We are fundraising to support the grassroots efforts to defeat Mitch McConnell in 2020. Every bit helps and we appreciate your donation so help support No More Mitch: The People's Campaign in their efforts by clicking below!!

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We are passionate about building a community of active and engaged citizens in Santa Cruz County.