Indivisible Action | Tell Your Representative to #DefundHate

(from Indivisible National )

Congress passed a short-term funding bill (known as a “continuing resolution,” or “CR”) in September and then another in November to keep the government open through December 20, but in the next ten days, Congress will have to take action again. While we don’t know whether Congress will pursue another short-term deal, or a funding bill that lasts until September 2020, our asks remain clear, as does the need for constituent pressure!

Just like last time, we know that the Trump Administration is asking for special funding increases for CBP and ICE, and is hellbent on protecting the “transfer authority” which they use to steal money from other accounts (like $200 million from agencies like FEMA earlier this year). We can defeat these funding increases by pressuring our members of Congress to reject them, just like we did in September after the Defund Hate Week of Action. ​

But there’s another wrinkle this time: to distract from the ongoing impeachment fight, Trump might choose chaos politics and refuse to sign anything that doesn’t include increased anti-immigrant funding. But we won’t be distracted from the crimes, election rigging, and corruption the impeachment inquiry has exposed, and we won’t accept funding increases that hurt immigrant communities.

Call your member of Congress today to tell them to reject Trump’s chaos politics and unreasonable anti-immigrant demands.