Panetta leads first year in Report Card scores; Harris lags surprisingly behind.

The Members of Congress (MoC) Watchdogs issue group developed a special report card to review the performance of our federal MoCs, summarizing one year of our quarterly report cards. We evaluated the performance of our federal MoCs against the expectations of National Indivisible from Quarter 3 2017 through Quarter 3 2018.  Representative Panetta performed the best, followed by Representative Eshoo, Senator Feinstein, and Senator Harris.

Representative Panetta led the MoCs with a B+, meeting 35 out of 40 National Indivisible goals.  Additionally, Panetta did not miss a single vote and held the most town halls during the evaluation period.  We would like to recognize Panetta for his efforts to support Indivisible goals.  In response to Panetta’s year-end score, Panetta’s Legislative Director, Matthew Manning, said “The Office of Congressman Panetta will continue to prioritize meeting and engaging with Indivisible in the 116th Congress.”

Representative Eshoo followed Panetta with a C+, meeting 19 out of 24 National Indivisible goals (scores for Q3 2017 could not be obtained for Eshoo because the MoC Watchdogs did not have a team member who was following her performance for that quarter).   Notably, Eshoo missed the most votes out of the 4 MoCs, missing 54 out of 781 possible votes.

Senator Feinstein scored a C, meeting 33 out of 44 National Indivisible goals — or 75% of the goals.  Although she missed only 3 out of 388 possible votes, she was the MoC who held the least amount of town halls, holding only 2 two halls during the evaluation period.

Although Harris has been outspoken about progressive values, she performed the worst out of the four MoCs evaluated.  She met 31 out of 43 National Indivisible goals — or only 72% of the goals, scoring a C (please note that Feinstein had more possible goals to meet than Harris due to Feinstein being a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee).

Now that we are on the offense in the coming year, it is going to be more important than ever to ensure that our MoCs are aligning their efforts with Indivisible goals.  Please continue reaching out to their offices to let them know the importance of representing Indivisible goals.

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