The Bugle | 2020 June Actions

Santa Cruz Indivisible is committed to doing the work and supporting our community members in Santa Cruz and beyond to help create long lasting change through political advocacy, allyship, partnership, and dedication to the vision of the America that we all want.

A few weeks ago, we sent out an email with some great resources for how you can start to do anti-racism work. (Read the past issue here) Even in the midst of a pandemic, there are many ways that you can plug in and make a difference from home. You don't have to go out and protest if that is not something you feel comfortable with. Protests are just one of the many tactics that we have at our disposal to make our voices heard. We want to provide you with some more resources to help you get involved and stay involved.

Anti-racism & activism resources

Support local black-owned businesses

Reading and viewing lists

Black-centered Santa Cruz non-profits and places of worship

Local anti-racism groups

What does defund the police mean?

Contact your local and state reps